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Innovation is one of our three core values and is at the heart of everything we do.

What We Do

About Us

CLEO Systems is a subsidiary of IC24, the only UK urgent care provider to have developed a suite of digital solutions. We use our privileged access to in-house clinicians and administrators to make sure that our solutions are uniquely intuitive and simple to use – to meet our mission of providing Clinical Excellence Online (CLEO).


The CLEO Solutions
We have a suite of solutions that include the full integrated CLEO CORE and CLEO PLUS packages to deliver safe and efficient patient management in an out of hospital setting. We develop based on the principle of 'interoperability' which is why we can add elements such as Electronic Prescribing or Digital Appointment Booking into the 'host' systems of clinical software providers.


We have developed the CLEO SOLO Electronic Prescribing application that enables patients, clinicians and pharmacies to benefit from a streamlined prescription process, without needing any integration with existing clinical or pharmacy systems. A 5-minute instruction video provides all the information needed to get going.


Integrated Within NHS Systems
CLEO Systems provides leading technologies for secure and resilient access to deliver patient care anytime, anywhere. Our monitoring and data management platform means patient information can flow seamlessly between system partners. It's directly integrated with the Spine and is interoperable with any primary care clinical management system. This also allows direct appointment booking into integrated urgent care centres, improved access hubs, GP practice, NHS111 and out-of-hours services.

Interoperability is at the core of what we do.


We are a Social Enterprise
CLEO Systems is part of the IC24 Group, the ‘not for profit’ gold-standard Social Enterprise providing high quality integrated urgent care. We are looking to provide the best solutions for our clients rather than delivering profit to shareholders – and any surplus we make is reinvested into the provision of care within the NHS.

Contact Us

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You can email us at or call us on 03333 200024.