Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF) – Our Policy


To accompany our first Response Plan under PSIRF we have published our PSIRF Policy.

This sets out how we will adopt the requirements of the new Framework to better understand the risks to patient safety and identifying ways to reduce these risks. It covers all parts of our service including:

  • NHS111 contacts centres
  • Out of Hours points of care
  • Home visiting services
  • GP Surgeries in Primary Care.


Our Policy describes how we will organise our internal monitoring and governance functions to ensure that safety incidents, complaints and patient feedback are properly investigated and learning opportunities defined. It also sets out our responsibilities in ensuring that patients, their carers or relatives are given opportunity to shape the way in which investigations are carried out. It sets out important principles to be followed when engaging those affected by a safety incident:

  • Apologies must be meaningful
  • Consider individual needs when engaging with patients or carers
  • Ensure investigations proceed using an appropriate method and within an agreed timeframe
  • Treat all with respect and compassion
  • Explain the investigation process clearly
  • Listen to those affected
  • Share all relevant information

There are a number of different methods that can be used following a safety incident to gather relevant information and to determine the scope and nature of a subsequent investigation. The Policy describes these different approaches and the circumstances in which each might be applied. It also includes


The roles and responsibilities of different staff within IC24 where patient safety is concerned are described including our Patient Safety Partner, a member of the public who attends investigation review meetings and other internal meetings where our approach to patient safety and creation of improvements are discussed. The Policy also describes how scrutiny from outside our organisation is maintained by those who commission the services we provide, such as regional Integrated Care Boards and NHS England.


More information on the national launch of PSIRF can be found here; NHS England » Patient Safety Incident Response Framework or contact


Please follow the link to read our full PSIRF policy