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We’re Changing Our Logo for LGBT+ History Month

We’ve Planned a Calendar of Events to Raise Awareness and Support Our LGBT+ Colleagues

Today marks the start of LGBT+ History Month. The event is honoured in February to coincide with the abolition of Section 28 Government Act in 2003, which prohibited the 'promotion' of sexuality.



In support of our colleagues in the LGBT+ community, we're changing our logo on our social media channels, incorporating the colours of the pride flag for the month.



To celebrate, our ‘LGBTQ+Friends Colleague Resource Group’ has planned several internal events for our employees to enjoy and learn more throughout the month. The CRG promotes a safe space for our LGBT+ colleagues and allies through awareness, education, and a positive experience for everyone.



At IC24, we’re focused on building a culture where everyone is included and has a personal sense of belonging. We want our people to feel empowered to be their best and true selves whilst at work. Which is why we have four Colleague Resource Groups, each sponsored by a member of our Executive Team to help bring our vision to life, these are Brave Women, Cultural Inclusion 4 All, Disability Confident and LGBTQ+Friends.  


You can find out more about our inclusiveness and belonging work here.



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