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Celebrating Over a Year of Partnership with Community Dental Services

IC24 have been working with fellow social enterprise Community Dental Services to provide Out of Hours support
Celebrating Our Partnership with Community Dental Services

For over a year, IC24 has been working with fellow social enterprise, Community Dental Services, to provide a Dental Clinical Assessment Service (CAS). The partnership has provided NHS 111 patients in Essex, Norfolk and Waveney with access to dental expertise out of hours and at weekends.


In February 2021, the Dental CAS service launched in Mid and South Essex, integrating primary dental services with urgent care systems. Following the success in Essex, the service was expanded to our Norfolk and Waveney service in May 2021.


Providing patients with access to specialist support outside of dentist’s regular operating hours gives much needed support and reassurance to many patients who need dental advice on evenings and weekends. The integration ensures those in need of urgent dental care receive appropriate care at the right time and reduces pressure on emergency departments. Providing specialist support on evenings and weekends also ensures patients are given the right advice for their needs and are referred to out of hours dental providers where appropriate.


Since February 2021 we’ve assisted over 1,500 patients in their dental care via the service.


On average up to 11 % of patients who used the service were offered self-help or advice for ‘at home’ treatment, and only 3% of patients were referred for emergency care, helping to reduce pressure on busy emergency departments.