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International Youth Day 2022

Today we are celebrating International Youth Day and the value young people bring.

International Youth Day is observed on the 12th August every year, and is an opportunity to recognise the contribution young people bring.


At IC24, we value our young people and what they can bring to our organisation and as a social enterprise, we are proud to be able to give them the skills required for their career development.


We caught up with Harry Brackley, a Service Advisor from Ashford, to see how he’s been getting on in his Internship in the Quality Improvement (QI) team, which he is undertaking before heading back to university in September.


Tell us a bit about you.

My name is Harry and I'm currently undertaking an internship in the QI department at IC24. I’m studying Medical Biosciences at Imperial College London where I’m about to enter my final year, undertaking a project in our School of Public Health.


Tell us a bit about your work with the QI team.

My work in the QI team involves working with different people all across the organisation to define and measure problems and work out ways in which to improve them. As part of this, I'm running my own project for the internship, looking at the Service Advisor role within our contact centres to see how we're optimising the use of their role, including the types of calls they take.


What do you hope to have achieved at the end of your project?

I hope that we're able to improve the patient journey within our service by reducing the number of colleagues our patients speak to, as well as optimising how IC24 uses the different call handler roles available to take the different 111 calls on offer.


What have you learned from your time in your internship with the QI team?

The internship and QI department at IC24 has been very helpful for my personal development, being able to apply and develop skills learnt in my course like developing research studies, data analysis, and public speaking. I feel this will be very valuable in my career progression as it's given me the opportunity to improve very sought after skills, as well as being able to make a difference to the patients we look after at the same time.