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The day in the life of a NHS 111 Health Advisor

Follow Jess, one of our amazing NHS 111 Heath Advisors as she shares with you a day in her life.

Our amazing NHS 111 Health Advisors are the first voice you hear when you dial 111.


We spent some time with Jess Vinten, a Health Advisor who shared with us what it’s like to be the first point of contact for our patients. If you’ve ever wondered what a day in their shoes is like, you can now watch the video and find out.


We value our Health Advisors and the wonderful service they provide. Learn more about Jess and her time at IC24 below.


When and why did you first want to become a Health Advisor at IC24?

I joined IC24 in March 2022 after working in a pharmacy as a dispenser for 10 years. I felt I needed a change and a new challenge whilst still in a role where I care for people.


What do you enjoy most about being a Health Advisor?

I LOVE being a Health advisor as I am able to help patients with anything from earache to a heart attack. It's such a wonderful feeling being able to save lives with my voice.


What’s been your favourite moment working for IC24?

My favourite moments of working in IC24 is chatting and laughing with my colleagues on a daily basis.


What has your career journey been since starting?

I started as a health advisor in 2022 and since then I have become a buddy (someone who is available to listen, talk, advise anyone who needs it at any time) and I have also become a coach.