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4 tips to help you get more active

In this short blog post, we give you some easy top tips to help you become more active.
4 tips to help you get more active - IC24 - Healthcare

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Exercise can be boring and repetitive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re having trouble beginning an exercise plan or following through, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with becoming more active, despite our best intentions. With that in mind, here’s four simple tips to increase your activity.

Walk often
Of all the ways to stay fit, walking is the easiest to work into your daily schedule. Sometimes walking can be overlooked as a form of exercise, but a short walk has many health benefits. If you’ve got a heavy work schedule or family commitments, then start by setting aside 20-30 minutes each day for a lunch time or evening walk.  

Be kind to yourself
It’s well known that self-compassion increases the likelihood of success with any given endeavour. Try not to beat yourself up about your current fitness level or your lack of willpower, as this will just demotivate you. Try to look at past mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. Even athletes have bad days – be kind to yourself.

Sneaking in extra movement at work 
Whether you’re working from home, or working in the office, it can be hard to stay active. Throughout your work day, look for reasons to sneak in some extra movement. You can walk while you’re on the phone, take the stairs, get off public transport a stop earlier or invest in a standing desk.

Make it enjoyable
When you were a child you didn’t think about exercising. Swinging from the monkey bars or running around with your friends was just a part of daily life. There’s lots of ways to make exercise fun, whether you have five minutes or two hours to spare. If you’re competitive, then why not make a game out of it? There are so many opportunities, from fitness apps to gaming consoles. If gaming isn’t your thing, then why not pair your exercise routine with something you enjoy? If you like spending time with your friends, you could organise a 'walk and talk'. If you prefer to exercise on your own, you could listen to your favourite podcast or playlist.

Further advice and support
If you’re looking for further support with your fitness, then please see the below resources for more information:
NHS Choices