Our commissioners seek reassurances monthly that we are providing a safe, efficient and cost effective service.

However, we also provide our patients with the ability to give feedback good or bad, either by our Patient Experience Questionnaires or by feedback directly to us.

We look at your feedback to see what areas of the service are working well but we also use it to see if there is anything we can change about our services so that our patients receive the best service as possible. 

We have a number of "you said, we did" stories which can be found here. This is where we have received feedback from patients and we have worked on solutions to improve our services taking on board your comments. 

Additionally, we collate all of the compliments we receive on our questionnaires and feed this back to our front line staff so that they can see how well they are doing in providing the service.

You can see a selection of compliments from patients that have used our services here.