At IC24 we’ve rolled out a new starter gift box to give a warm welcome to new recruits who join us.

As part of a focus on the employee experience of working for IC24, we devised the concept of a welcome box to present to new employees on their first day with the organisation to set them on their way in their new careers.

All of the items in the box help new starters get settled in their new role; a notepad and pen for making notes, a travel mug and water bottle to keep hydrated, and a pair of headphones to allow new-joiners to listen to their essential learning packages at their workstations.

James Pope, Learning and Experience Manager said: ‘We want to recruit great people, but it is just as important is to retain them. We see the employee experience of working for IC24 as really essential to our success, and the box contains a few small but practical gifts to welcome them to their new workplace.’

Providing a reuseable drinks bottle also helps us reduce use of single use plastics, and no doubt they have been well used during the recent heatwave!