On Thursday 6th September we held our very first Quality Champions Programme (QCP) graduation day and what a special day it was!

In total 15 champions graduated cohort 1 with a further 3 graduating fully in the next few months. Our champions are the first to graduate the programme and so are the pioneers leading us through our QCP journey.

The Quality Champions Programme is designed to empower our people to self-generate quality improvements. As part of the course they had to use all of the skills they learnt to work on a quality improvement project and on graduation day they had to present it to members of the executive team and the rest of the group. 

Dr Andrew Catto, Chief Medical Officer said “on behalf of Yvonne and the rest of the executive team I would like to say what a fantastic and inspirational day it was. We were extremely impressed with the work and commitment everyone put into their improvement projects.”

Although our champions have graduated this does not mean it is the end for them. They will now be working hard on their projects to see them through to completion.

On the 26th September we will be launching cohort 2 which will be taking place in Norfolk. We are excited to continue the momentum we are creating and empowering more of our people to make quality improvements to our organisation.